North America Diving Dogs will be holding an all-breed dock diving event at the

2020 Kentuckiana Cluster

(2020 AKC Kentuckiana Splash)

    Dock diving is a fast-growing sport that is fun for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Titles are eligible for the AKC Title Recognition Program. Join the fun and excitement at this cluster and compete with your dogs for your titles or take the opportunity to try out the sport assisted by our experienced trainers.

The event will run

Thursday, March 12th - Sunday, March 15th 2020

Information and Preregistration will be online at




Thursday March 12, 2020

10 am-5 pm: Splashes #1, #2, #3 (First come-first serve.)

5 pm: Air Retrieve #101 (Set Jump Order)


Friday, March 13 2020

10 am-5 pm: Splashes #4 #5, #6 (First come-first serve.)

5 pm: Air Retrieve #102 (Set Jump Order)


Saturday, March 14 2020

9 am-5 pm: Splashes #7, #8, #9, #10 (First come-first serve.)

5 pm (approx): Air Retrieve #103 (Set Jump Order)


Sunday, March 15, 2020

9 am-3 pm: Splashes #11, #12, #13 (First come-first serve.)

NOTE: This event is a Qualifier event for the 2020 NADD/AKC Eukanuba National Diving Dog Championships. In order to qualify, each dog must have a minimum of 3 splashes completed at this event.  We then take the average of all the jumps from the event for each dog.  The TOP 2 AVERAGES in each division will receive an automatic invite to the 2020 National Championships.  Jumps in all the Splashes will count towards your NADD/AKC titles.  

The Air Retrieve Qualifier will be held throughout th event.  In OPEN, the TOP Finisher for the event, in the Senior, Master and Elite Division will earn invites.  For Lap Air Retrieve, the TOP overall Lap AR finisher will receive an invite.  

Splashes ($28) include up to 4 minutes on the dock for 1 optional practice jump and 2 judged jumps. The jump order is first-come/ first-serve . When you are ready to jump, turn in your card to the judge (anytime up to 1 hour before splash end time) to hold your place in line.

Try-its will be allowed as space permits and during Splashes if no competitors are waiting to jump. Try-its cost $10.00 FOR (1) 6 minute session.